Class Descriptions

Aradia™ Fitness Pole Dancing and Sensual Movement Classes for Fitness

With foundations in yoga, pilates and dance, Aradia™ offers fitness classes specifically tailored for a woman’s body. Aradia takes a holistic approach to fitness offering benefits that serve a woman’s mind, body and soul. Students gain confidence as they build physical strength, flexibility and conditioning. Students also gain a sense of wellness as they learn to adore, celebrate and flaunt every curve of their body. Although our classes are created for woman, MEN are always welcome to join our classes!

From the moment you walk in the door, you will feel welcomed. We will start slow, teaching you the basics as you build up strength and confidence. Before you know it, you’ll be challenging yourself to try moves and spins you never thought you’d be able to do!  Classes are lighthearted, warm and full of laughter. Come for the workout and stay for the wonderful sense of community and celebration!

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Pole Classes

*No drop-in’s Permitted

Pole 1: Pole 1 Introduces clients to the perfect mix of pole work and sensual movement… transforming your mind & Body as you “Meet Your Sexy Side”. This Class is designed on a 6-week Lesson plan rotation and includes an important mix of our sexy yoga‐fusion workout as well as strength training on the pole. Clients Will also learn a variety of pole dance spins & Transitions and how to them together into mini choreographies.

Pole 2: In Pole 2, clients continue to explore more challenging spins, tricks & transitions and be introduced to pole climbing, sitting and inverting. We will begin to phase out the sexy yoga-fusion workout and transition to more strength training using the pole. Pole 2 is based on a 6-week lesson plan rotation.

Pole 3: In Pole 3 clients are introduced to flying high on the pole as we continue to invert (flip upside down) and climb! All that hard work in Pole 1 and Pole 2 will pay off as you tackle even more challenging spins, tricks and transitions. Instructors will also begin to transition clients to “freestyle” dancing where you will learn how to effortlessly put everything you know together into your own dance style.

Pole 4: In Pole 4, clients are challenged even more as we begin to tackle static aerial hols using different parts of our body, such as inner thighs and hips. The spins, transitions and strength work become increasingly more challenging as we continue to prepare clients for more advanced levels. Pole 4 is based on a 4-week lesson plan rotation.

Prerequisite to attend Pole 4 classes is completions of a Pole 3 “Level Up” assessment or have instructor approval before attending any Pole 4 class. Clients must attend a minimum of eight (8) classes of Pole 4 prior to “Level Up” to Pole 5.

Pole 5: Welcome to Pole 5 – a high flying composition of challenging new thigh & hip holds, impressive spins and intense strength building techniques. This class will challenge you with exciting new feats of athleticism! By this point, you will be comfortable with freestyle dancing and instructors will help you create interesting new ways to seamlessly flow your spins, tricks & transitions together into a stuffing performance.

Pole 5 is based on a 4-week lesson plan rotation. Prerequisite to attend Pole 5 classes is completions of a Pole 4 “Level Up” assessment or have instructor approval before attending any Pole 5 class. Clients must attend a minimum of eight (8) classes of Pole 5 prior to “Level Up” to Pole 6.

Master Class Series: Our highest level program is designed to teach advanced pole tricks, combinations, climbs and holds. We focus on strength and flexibility to improve and refine our pole work in this dynamic program.

Drop-in Classes

Current Weekly Classes

Flexify: Developed primarily to increase flexibility and enhance mobility on the pole, this class is also a great way to release tension and ease your movement in everyday life. Designed for all fitness levels, classes run on a four week rotation throughout the month as follows:

Week 1: Full Body Bliss

Week 2: Open Your Hips, Get Your Splits

Week 3: Necks & Shoulders

Week 4: Spinal Mobility, Back Bends, Side Bends

Goddess Fire: Strength, conditioning and alignment for everyone.

Pole Flow Yoga: Yoga Flow offers a moderate pace suitable for all levels of practice. Movement and breath synchronize to create a meditative flow while increasing strength, stamina and flexibility. This class will leave you feeling strong, refreshed and ready to greet the coming week!

Ballet Flow: If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to embody graceful movement while building long, strong muscles, this is the class for you!

No experience necessary; All levels & genders welcome.
Please wear tight fitting pants/leggings or shorts.


Practice Session: Wanting some extra time on the pole? Come and drop in to one of our practice sessions to work on your pole skills!

If you’ve missed a class, please let us know 2-3 business days in advance that you are coming in for a make-up session.

*Please note that practice sessions are open to current Aradia Fitness students only.


Intermittent Classes

Lapdance Workshops: Lapdance workshops to a variety of songs such as Fever, Satisfied or during the holiday season, Santa Baby!

Pole Circuit: Cardio, strength training, circuit training, and pole dancing all combined into one fun hour! This class is designed to work the entire body. Combining cardio, strength training, and pole dancing into a fun and challenging circuit to keep your body moving throughout the hour.

Poleflow: Fine-tuning the moves we have learned from Level 1, 2 and 3, this pole dance-style class will help prepare you for the intermediate levels. Great workout for endurance, dance and strength. Pre-requisite is Level 3.

Technical Pole: We are polishing our pole moves, building our strength and getting preparing for the advanced levels. A perfect mix of strength, cardio, and conditioning. Pre-requisite is Level 5.

Inversion Workshop: For students in Level 3 and higher this workshop will help you to flip upside down, snake down the pole, and do handstands against the pole. You will also learn several new spins that you won’t find in any of the levels! We will break the moves down step-by-step, and also work on activating the muscles you need to use for each move. You will work at your own pace to master and add finesse to whichever moves you are ready for.

 Getting Ready For the Stage: This class is offered during competition season or prior to a showcase.